Edmonton Regional Science Fair Council


The Edmonton Regional Science Fair showcases research projects from students in grades 4 through 12. As Webmaster, I implemented a website redesign in Drupal to improve ease of use and better publicize photos and results from the Fair. As part of the Judging Committee, I improved the use of technology to more quickly organize judging teams and materials. I also took and archived meeting minutes and provided a student prospective to the Council. Finally, I mentored students who were selected to advance to the Canada-Wide Science Fair. In 2012, I was selected as an Ambassador to the Canada-Wide Science Fair, responsible for helping participants get the most out of the Fair.

Science in the News Boston


Science in the News is a graduate student organization at Harvard University, whose goal is to bridge the communication gap between scientists and non-scientists through outreach activities. As webmaster, I am responsible for administrating the organization’s public WordPress site. During my tenure, I have contributed to two redesigns of the website. As an Outreach Chair, I assisted in organizing a meeting between local science outreach groups to share knowledge and stimulate collaborations. As one of two co-coordinators for the 2016 Spring Lecture Series, I was responsible for overseeing lecture preparation by a group of selected lecturers.

University of Alberta Interdisciplinary Science Students’ Society


The Interdisciplinary Science Students’ Society is the representative of Faculty of Science undergraduate students in University of Alberta governance. As a Councillor, I represented students’ interests and served as a general volunteer. As Co-Director of Locker Rentals, I led the development of an online locker rental system and oversaw its use. Finally, as Director of Finance, I assisted with record keeping and led the Finance Committee, an advisory body on Society expenditures.

Telus World of Science Edmonton


The Telus World of Science is a science museum dedicated to create a positive science and technology culture in the Edmonton region. As an Assistant Observatory Attendant, I guided visitors through the observatory and assisted in its operation.